Sliding Door Tracks

The secret to an easy to open sliding door is a sliding door track that is smooth and undamaged and rollers that spin freely.


All too often we come across sliding doors that are hard to open and the client has asked us to change rollers and they do need replacing but to make sure the sliding door is fixed properly the track more often than not needs attention.



Grooves cut into track by Damaged Rollers.

photo 1

Undamaged Sliding Door Aluminum Track










Damaged sliding door tracks shorten the lifespan of new rollers and once the roller is damaged what happens is the outer nylon case snaps exposing the inner bearing casing generally made from hardened stainless steel or brass.  It’s the exposed inner case of a roller made from hardened stainless steel grinding on the soft aluminium track that damages the track on opening and closing of a sliding door.


Once the sliding door track is damaged it needs to be repaired first then new rollers can be installed to finish of the restoration of your sliding door Guaranteeing a sliding door that opens and closes with ease.



Hardened Stainless Steel track riveted down over damaged track.


Track repaired using a Hardened Stainless steels Track Capping System.


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